Established in 1999, Weather School is the unique environment in which to learn about all things weather.

A part of the Weatherweb.net family, Weather School has been created as the result of tutoring pilots and sailors to pass weather examinations for PPL and RYA respectively. Television companies also demanded the services of Weather School to enhance their presenters capabilities in the world of virtual studios and high resolution graphics.

Weather forecasting can seem to be a black art. Weather School is dedictated to shining some light on this mysterious world of isobars, fronts and cloud formations.

Tutored by Dr. Simon Keeling PhD, MSc (Appld. Met. & Climatology), Founder & MD of Weather Consultancy Services Ltd, and Weatherweb.net as well as a weather presenter for BBC TV and formerly ITV, Weather School aims to provide an insight into the mysteries of weather and weather forecasting and is taught in Simon’s light-hearted, easy to understand style

Weather School, based in Wombourne, Staffordshire, educates and enhances your weather knowledge in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Weather School is run for aviators, sailors and those who want to become the TV weather presenters of the future. Most courses last for a full-day. Most aviation and sailing courses are run in small groups, whilst TV presenting courses usually consist of one or two delegates. However, one-to-one courses can be arranged for sailors and pilots too.

Courses are held for novices and those with more experience, so whether you’re just learning about weather, or have years of experience, Weather School is for you!


Simon Keeling