Farming Weather School (Part 1)

(Full day course, 10am to 4pm, tutored by Dr. Simon Keeling)

Why attend? Learning highlights
tickImprove your farms profitability

tick2-week forecasting skills
tickEnhance your forecasting skills

tickFronts, which ones are going to bring rain
tickSuitable for all from new farmers to old-timerstickUsing clouds to forecast for your farm
tickIt's great fun!tickWhat forecasts can you trust?
simon-keeling-813029616Simon says ... "Postcode forecasts don't give farmers the accuracy they need when planning days ahead. This course gives techniques which all farmers can use the plan the weather in the next 2-weeks."
haymakingDelegates say ... "I've been farming for 25-years and this is the first time I really understand the weather. Simply brilliant!"

What topics are covered?8270-1-h-haymaking_2d00_1_2d00_7_2d00_8_2d00_12_5f00_1856-1024x711
How to get the most from the weather information you are seeing on the internet. Postcode forecasts are all very well, but as you’ve probably realised, they are not very accurate. We’ll use todays charts to explore how our farming activities would have been affected today, and how you can use forecast charts more effectively to plan the coming two weeks. Topics covered include looking at surface pressure and rainfall charts, assessing which ones would likely be most accurate. We’ll also talk about which forecasts you can trust, and which you can’t plus we’ll ask when is a front not a front?’, as well as spotting and forecasting using just the clouds overhead.

I’m am experienced farmer with lots of local weather knowledge, should I attend? 
Absolutely! This course is written for those just starting off as well as the more experienced farmer. The aim is to show you how to think more like a forecaster and use the plethora of charts now available on the internet to improve your business and make you money.

Will this course make my farm more profitable? 
If the weather gets in the way of your business (and for most farmers it does), then you should be seeing improvements in your effectiveness and planning after attending the course. We don;t think it’s unreasonable for you to assume that, over time, the course should pay for itself over

What is included? 
Lectures, lunch and refreshements through the day are all included (the biscuits are fab!).

What time does the course start & end? 
The course last for a full day and runs from 10am to approximately 4.00pm.

Where is the course held?
At the Weatherweb Weather Centre in Wombourne, Staffordshire, WV5 9JD. The Centre is adjacent to the A449, 20 minutes from the M40 & M5.

How much does the course cost? 
The cost is £195 which includes lunch, materials & refreshments.
Numbers are restricted and you can book your place online now.