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Les Davenport
I just wanted to thank you for a very informative and enjoyable day.
Your whole setup is excellent and I’m already looking forward to next week.
Reviewed 2019

Mike Matthews
I am a 575-h PPL with Instrument Rating... my own Cirrus into Europe IFR. Flying since 1994. Your online course is my first go at understanding Skew T diagrams and I wish I had done so before I got my IR. Why don’t they teach this topic in the IR??? It is incredibly useful and I really applaud you for conveying the essentials so concisely in your online course.
More power to your elbow.
Reviewed 2019

Brilliant school…

It has helped so much with my ATPL Mod 1 exams coming up in October. Wonderful group of people, very interactive - well worth the money!
Reviewed 2019

David Baker
A brilliant online course...
I'm flying so much more because of knowing about skew-t's. Such a great course. Thank you!
Reviewed 2019

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for last Saturday
I found it really informative and loved every minuet of it!
I’ve been printing off the charts everyday and trying to predict the next day or two. So far I’m quite close! I'll be spreading the word around!
Reviewed 2019

Ken Whittaker
A fabulous course …
... for both VFR & IFR rated pilots offering genuine & practical weather planning tools. Simon runs the course informally in groups of 5 people and welcomes questions & clarification throughout. I have done both Part I & II of Weather School and the knowledge gained is 'game changing' for trip planning, especially the information gleaned form the internet and particularly the Skew T's.
Reviewed 2019

Ian May
Very good day ...
... learnt a lot from Simon in a very informal atmosphere would recommend to anyone thinking of signing up to go .
Reviewed 2019

More than 2 decades after my original PPL weather exams...
... it was great to attend this course to refresh my knowledge & assist me to make decisions on whether I should fly/not fly based on weather forecasts.
Reviewed 2019

Aviation weather course Part 1 was very enjoyable and informative
I'm looking to book Part 2 as I was very happy with everything. It's a nice informal small group with plenty of opportunity for discussion and clarification of all concepts and expert responses to questions. The only thing that could improve it for me would be if it took place nearer where I live. Thanks to the team at Weather School!
Reviewed 2019

Mike Poole
Made a complex subject interesting ...
... and understandable, removed a lot of the mystery.
Reviewed 3/12/2018

Fantastic day
I learnt so much about weather in general and the forecasting process which has given me more confidence to read and interpret the weather information we use as pilots. The small group and Simons style make for a very friendly and interactive day which was really enjoyable as well as informative.
Reviewed 3/12/2018

An excellent course.
I learnt loads. Simon has a great teaching style and answered all my questions on aviation weather. Thank you! I cannot wait for part two.
Reviewed 24/10/18

An absolutely fantastic day at Weather School
Enjoyable and extremely informative and a great bunch of fellow pilots as well. Can't recommend the day enough and Simon is a very entertaining and extremely knowledgeable meteorologist. It also provided an excuse to fly to Halfpenny Green! Already signed up for Part 2.
Reviewed 9/10/18

Mike McPherson
excellent day
Learnt a lot, small class size, Simon superb teacher!
Reviewed 2/10/18

David Lee
I really enjoyed my day at Weather School
There was a lot of information to take in, but it was delivered really well. Simon's knowledge and enthusiam for the subject makes for a really engaging course. The small group size works really well too. You get to know your classmates a little and questions and discussion flows easier.
Reviewed 24/5/18

Martin Shields
Professional yet personable
Really practical knowledge and insight shared which I was immediately able to apply to forecasting the next week. Professional yet personable: all questions were answered and plenty of info and resources shared to improve chances of picking the good days! Many thanks!
Reviewed 30/4/18

Graham Smith
Aviation Weather Pt 1
I did Simon's Aviation Weather Pt 1 course. He is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic presenter and I came away with much more knowledge and confidence than I had when I went in. There was lots of useful information that I can apply now - information that was never in my PPL training and textbooks. I completely recommend this course to any pilot of light aircraft, gliders or microlights.
Reviewed 22/4/2018

Fantastic course - Simon’s enthusiasm and knowledge is incredible

Simon is absolutely passionate about the subject and just as importantly is able to communicate his broad knowledge of weather extremely effectively, bringing the subject to life. Very glad I attended the course and builds on top of the ppl considerably, giving more confidence, knowledge and techniques to plan suitable flying days and cross-countries. Thoroughly recommended and am looking forward to attending part 2.
Reviewed 21/4/2018

Ranjan Patwardhan
i don’t think of how it might be…

i don’t think of how it might be improved upon really Amazing how much the nppl syllabus leaves out Simon is a talented and forthcoming teacher
Reviewed 21/4/18

An information-packed day which really…

An information-packed day which really helped me with the interpretation of synoptic charts and whetted my appetite for more detail
Reviewed 25/3/2018

Phil Strangward
Aviation Weather School

I have attended both Weather School Part 1 & 2. Doctor Simon Keeling teaches weather forecasting in an informal and easy to understand format and makes the whole day very enjoyable and interesting. The class size is just right which allows everybody to participate and ask questions. I believe this course is essential to all pilots to really understand and forecast the weather.
Reviewed 25/3/2018

Mervyn white
Have attended both aviation parts one…

I have attended both aviation parts one and two and enjoyed every minute. Already the knowledge I have learnt has helped me plan flights AND given me the confidence to fly in what was said to be IFR but turned out to be VFR after all, gaining extra enjoyment from my hobby ! Simon, Kate and Simon's dad all made the two days a dream to attend, the course was pitched at the right level and the food and hospitality was second to none. I now feel very much part of the Weather School family . Have already recommended to flying buddies and will continue to do so.
Reviewed 25/3/2018


What a great course! Outstanding and pertinent content delivered perfectly. Many thanks Simon !
Reviewed 25/3/2018

Judy Swan
Really interesting day

Really interesting day; not sure how much of it I will retain but I understand a lot more about how to use weather charts and the different types of winds around the U.K. Also good info about weather sites, fronts and pressure systems. Simon is very engaging. Definitely going to practice over the next few days to consolidate what we learned.
Reviewed 18/3/18

Aviation Weather Part 1

A very informative and lively day of learning. The level is pitched such that a quick revision of PPL Met might help with the speedy pace of content delivery. There is a lot of information but all fascinating and very relevant to PPL aviation. As the classes are small, Simon was able to bring in relevant aspects of Met to each of the attendees personal flying activities. Looking forward to Part 2. Lunch was a very decent buffet as well
Reviewed 14/3/2018

Ian F
Nothing to fault

Nothing to fault - a very well worthwhile day.
Reviewed 12/3/2018

Dave Colgate
Host, location and course very good

Simon was excellent from beginning to end. Very welcoming and helped a great deal before getting there with finding car parking. I drove for over 4 hours to get to weather school to the slick process was great. The location is quaint, suitable for a nice small class of 5 with all the facilities and amenities required. Simon's Dad was lovely and kept the coffee, biscuits and sweets flowing! The day was interspersed with adequate breaks and a very good lunch with a great buffet spread. There was lots of food! The material was excellent. Part 1 was like going through the PPL material but in more depth and making it much more relevant specifically to aviation and airmanship. That was the biggest take-away for me from the day. The theory was very good, but it was the aviation-related tips that I found most useful and there are plenty to apply. I came away feeling much more confident and capable of being able to interpret analysis charts alongside doing more forecasting of my own. I have, of course, signed up for Part 2 of the course. Recommended.
Reviewed 11/3/2018

Great course!

Great course. Loads of fun and informative
Reviewed 11/3/2018

Simon produces an ideal learning …

Simon produces an ideal learning environment. You come away knowing that you can do it.
Reviewed 4/2/2018

Matthew Wallis
This course was both enjoyable and …

This course was both enjoyable and extremely useful . All PPL pilots should attend this.
Reviewed 3/2/2018