A Pilot’s Guide to Skew-T’s – ONLINE COURSE


(Duration: Approx 3 hours. Online course. Free e-Book. Completion certificate.)
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Want to be able to spot those elusive weather windows days in advance, saving yourself precious time? Then you need to know about the skew-t.

It’s easy to learn what these diagrams are telling us, far more easy for example than learning to decode METARs and TAFs for instance.

By being able to forecast cloud bases, tops, freezing levels, layers of cloud, rain, snow and much more, the skew-t will reveal the atmospheres secrets days in advance.

And the best part of skew-t’s is that they are easy to understand. yes, they can look confusing at first glance, but it takes just a few seconds to instantly make a prediction as to whether the coming days are flyable or not.

By maximising your flying opportunities you will save time, money and accrue plenty of ‘brownie points’!

So grab a cuppa, settle back and get ready to take your flying to a whole new level!

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