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GRIB for Sailors

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Modern technology has enabled sailors to gain access to a range of weather data, previously the exclusive preserve of professional weather forecasters.
You can now plot your own forecast charts of pressure, wind, waves, precipitation and temperature, for anywhere in the world, up to 14-days in advance.

This book explains GRIB data. Written in a simple, easy to read format, the book explains GRIB from the basics upwards.
You’ll learn what equipment you will need to receive the data, how to display weather information, what software you will need and how to interpret model data.

This really is the essential guide for all sailors who want to know more about receiving and interpreting GRIB weather data.
(The CDROM version of the book is published as a PDF document so that it can easily be used on board. It contains many interactive links to useful websites and includes free tutorial videos for using GRIB software).

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